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Flightdeck by Freevi | Eleanor Harding

Eleanor Harding is a product developer and supergeek who has been called the swiss army knife of tech. She is originally from South Africa and has a background in both development and design, helping her win numerous hackathons including the prestigious TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon and the Skype Codess hack for women in tech.


Before arriving in London, she created an indie game which won the Microsoft Imagine Cup and was the design engineer in the winning, all-female team in a competition to design and race scale F1 cars.


Eleanor is now the founder of a product development consultancy called Rigby/Rose where she spends her time doing what she loves, helping startups turn their big ideas into elegant products. In her spare time she looks for ways to enable people through technology, listens to a ridiculous number of audiobooks and networks furiously.


She’d also quite like to go to the moon.


CFG Top 25 under 25








Flightdeck by Freevi


From the product photography to the copywriting, to the UI design and all the way to development – this site is an example of the wide range of my skillset put into practice. See the CSS animations in action at


Project Background

Created during my time at E-Man Labs, this page had the aim of showcasing the beauty and capability of the impressive Flightdeck – a glasses-free stereoscopic 3D tablet by Freevi.

The page needed to be sleek and clean while communicating the necessary tech specs of the device. We had free reign over the presentation and were given only branding assets and a box full of tablets.

The timeline for this piece of the project was over a two week period, running in parallel with other tasks on the same project.


Team and Role

The team working on this project was a close-knit group of four, featuring a brilliant back-end developer, our operations guru, the design intern and me. Taking the lead for this project, I made full use of my uniquely wide range of skills. I tackled the tasks all the way from product photography to design to front-end development.

I had assistance from our design intern for the deep etching of the product images as well as conceptual input on section styling.

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