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Offerforge | Eleanor Harding

Eleanor Harding is a product developer and supergeek who has been called the swiss army knife of tech. She is originally from South Africa and has a background in both development and design, helping her win numerous hackathons including the prestigious TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon and the Skype Codess hack for women in tech.


Before arriving in London, she created an indie game which won the Microsoft Imagine Cup and was the design engineer in the winning, all-female team in a competition to design and race scale F1 cars.


Eleanor is now the founder of a product development consultancy called Rigby/Rose where she spends her time doing what she loves, helping startups turn their big ideas into elegant products. In her spare time she looks for ways to enable people through technology, listens to a ridiculous number of audiobooks and networks furiously.


She’d also quite like to go to the moon.


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Offerforge is an affiliate marketing network, providing a platform where advertisers and publishers are brought together. Offerforge helps realise goals of lead generation with accuracy and accountability.

The website provides a stepping stone to lead generation for Offerforge themselves, targeting both publishers and advertisers through parallel user journeys. We created a brochure website with strong CTAs to on-board new users.

Project Responsibilities

  • User Journey – Publisher, First time visitor
    1. Organic Search ‘Affilate network for blogger’
    2. Land at homepage
    3. Skim paragraph ‘What is affiliate marketing’
    4. Click corresponding ‘Are you a publisher button’
    5. Open new tab -> Publishers
    6. Scroll to ‘What are the Benefits?’
    7. Scroll back up
    8. Click ‘Sign up’
    9. Fill in form
    10. Submit


Take a closer look at the site in action

Visit Offerforge